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Buying guide
Buying a house is an important step in life, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you. We are available to assist you throughout the entire process as your personal advisers.

We hope to have answered most of your questions on this site. If you want to move forward, this is a step-by-step guide on how to proceed:
Visit the site!
To become familiar with the environment and the neighborhood, we invite you to visit the project site. You will find a map of the location and the route to follow here.
Let's meet!
We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss your specific needs. If the project interests you and fits your budget, you can also proceed to the next step and explore your financing options to help you come to a decision.
Financing your villa
We recommend contacting our banking partner for this project. Please contact us to obtain his phone number.
Reserving your villa
You can reserve the villa of your choice by signing a reservation agreement in our office and transferring a deposit of 30,000 CHF to our solicitor, Me Crot in Nyon.
In case you don't manage to secure financing for your home, or the construction work does not start within a given period of time, this deposit will be fully reimbursed. However, if all goes well, the reservation deposit will be deducted from the final sum to be paid upon signing the contract.
Signing the sales contract
According to the planned dates to begin construction and your financing plan, you will be invited to the solicitor’s office to sign the act of purchase for your land and the contract with the general contractor.
Choice of materials and personalisation
At this point you will meet your service representative on the construction company's team. He or she will be your practical guide and contact person during the construction process.
Together you will define the customized details of your home, such as any modification to the floor plans, choice of finishings, any additional upgrades, etc.
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