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Maisons du Leman
The architecture of "Les Résidences de la Tour" is an attractive combination of traditional and modern style.
We devoted special attention to the smallest details; the porch at the entrance, the rounded balconies, the white facade to highlight the home's spaciousness.
The white facades with elegant touches of grey and anthracite roofs bring a modern touch to these gracious homes.
The interiors have been planned to make the most efficient arrangement of the available space, while inviting plenty of light and fresh air into each and every room.
Certainly, one of the key concepts behind the architecture of this project is luminosity. Each villa has large sliding glass doors and numerous windows which multiply the light sources inside the house and create a natural, luminous ambiance. Each villa also has a terrace facing south or west, so you can enjoy spending time in the garden with friends and family.
A unique feature of these houses is the presence of private loggias on the upper floor, which are semi-outdoor areas accessible from the bedroom. Perfect for a variety of favorite activities such as taking a nap, doing yoga, reading a book - just outside your bedroom door.
The loggias can be customized as indoor gardens, creating a peaceful haven in the living area of the house. You can enjoy the ambiance of the loggia from your bathroom thanks to the large windows. In order to preserve your privacy while using the bathroom, a thin stripped blind has been integrated in the window.
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