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Minergie Standards Label
Minergie offers a better quality of life to you: comfort, health and wellbeing
A = Minergie House with high quality insulation.
B = House with traditional insulation.
Note the increased heat loss of house B around the windows and roof!
The ventilation system allows fresh air to circulate through the home without opening windows.
What is Minergie?
MINERGIE® is a sustainability brand for new and refurbished buildings. It is mutually supported by the Swiss Confederation, the Swiss Cantons along with Trade and Industry and is registered in Switzerland and around the world and defended firmly against unlicensed use.

Comfort is at the heart of MINERGIE® – the comfort of the users living or working in the building. A wholesome level of comfort is made possible by high-grade building envelopes and the continuous renewal of air.
Specific energy consumption is used as the main indicator to quantify the required building quality. In this way, a reliable assessment can be assured. Only the final energy consumed is relevant.
The MINERGIE® Standard is widely accepted. There are many reasons for this, the most important the objective oriented approach: If builders and planners – in other words architects and engineers can achieve the standard, they have complete freedom both in their design and choice of materials and also in their choice of internal and external building structures.
In the meantime, the building sector has developed a wide range of products and services for MINERGIE® buildings. Suppliers include architects and engineers as well as manufacturers of materials, components and systems. The diversity and competition of this market furthers quality and lowers costs.

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